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hello world, again

Fri, 13 Sep 2019 20:15:00 GMT(+1)

Hello to people who read my posts for the first time, and hello again to people who read my previous website then hosted on boolesrings.org.

introducing the new website

Since the original boolesrings server was shut down last year, I was busy learning all kinds of new things about software, so I neglected migrating my website. Brand new and hand made, it's now being served to you by Hunchentoot, running in Clozure Common Lisp, on nixOS.

Like all my personal projects, it's free and open source. It gets automatically updated with a trivial ansible playbook and a script, every time I push changes to the above linked repository. This website does not track you.

introducing the posts and rss feed

At first I wanted to write content management for my posts, despite advice against it, but quickly realised that it's indeed a huge waste of time. The brand new RSS feed is typed by hand. The posts and their listing in the posts page are written almost entirely by hand with the help of trusty html-template, which I used for CGraph as well. Comment-functionality in the posts is not yet implemented.

This is a very simple and straightforward setup, which is of course the Right Thing™ to do. ^^


If this feed works as expected, it should appear at some point in the Boole's Rings feed again. Thank you Peter and Sam! I did promise them that the first "real" post will be about my toy λ calculus compiler, and my attempts to compile simple untyped λ calculus to a stack machine. However, this will have to wait a bit; during my last visit to my parents, I volunteered on a very important project for my mother.

small public library program

My mother, Marta Suzana Dimitriou Henríquez, is a librarian, honoured by the city of Thessaloniki for setting up the city's network of medical libraries. Now retired and partially moved to my father's village in Mavroudi, Igoumenitsa, she is organising the first public library in the area. I couldn't be more proud of her, and I'm very pleased that I can help her with that. So the first "real" post will be about this project.

my older boolesrings posts and support

The posts from my previous boolesrings hosted website will be migrated soon. First, I should finish polishing up a small latex-in-html library I cut out of CGraph's code. because it has the most beautiful maths format. Here you can see how it's being used for CGraph. I would like to eventually add MathML support to that library.


A personal update:

Here's a recent photo, in case you see me in a conference, do say hi. It's probably going to be at the European Lisp Symposium.
me in 2019